About Us

Joseph Rogero {Row-hair-oh} is a fine art photography studio located in Florida, serving distinguished couples on the East Coast as well those who may be celebrating in luxurious destinations around the world.

Meet Joseph

I’m not going to tell you about coffee or books here – yes, I’ve had a cup, and I’ve read a few. I’m simply a photographer who is passionate about his craft. I am inspired by those who go beyond expectations and people who love in remarkable ways.

My weeknights are spent lingering over a stovetop, listening to indie folk while cooking with my little girl in our kitchen, before soaking in a few quiet moments under a blanket next to my wife, Christina, in our living room. With her loving support as my business manager, I am able to fulfill my artistic pursuit to create a powerful visual narrative for every client that is uniquely them.

We are lovers of people (first and foremost), art, fashion, and travel. Tell us where we are going next!

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