February 27, 2019

1858 Winter Party

Recently I was invited to photograph the Xth annual 1858 Society’s Winter Party. A night in Charleston to celebrate the arts’ under the stars. The Winter Society hosted the evening at the Gibbes Museum with Easton Events.

Champagne and oysters we on hand as guest listened to the charming melodies of the 1920s. Into the evening the crowd built into a low laughing roar as the bubbles swept guest into the late hours of the night. When I first spoke with a board member about this event, we discussed the story that they wanted to be told. Fashion, art, champagne, and jazz were all words used to describe the narrative. I began to envision a modern-day Gatsby. A who’s who of Charleston’s most noteworthy socialites – among a mix of, entrepreneurs, artists, and fashion designers there was no shortage of great conversations. I wanted to capture the evening in my distinct style which was originally borrowed from fashion photographers and party-goers alike and manifested into my own — its a mix of energy, light, and composition to bring out the essence of this beautiful atmosphere.

The photographers that inspire my event work are famous fashion photographers Mario Testino and Terry Richardson. Mario is arguably the most sought after fashion photographer today. His signature party photographs from Ann Wintour’s legendary annual Met Gala are among some of my favorite private party scenes ever captured. Terry Richardson is known for his controversial ways in person and with a camera. He provokes people to the point of reaction all while using unconventional techniques with light. Lastly, the images behind the closed doors of the iconic disco tech Studio 54. Intimate moments of raw ecstasy, fantasy, unapologetic honesty and truth. A haven for the worlds most sought after to be whatever they wanted to be without reproach.

Although the Gibbes Winter Party was undoubtedly not a disco tech it carried the air, people were found having fun, enjoying each other and indulging themselves in the beauty of the night.