January 24, 2018

Style Me Pretty // Your Guide to Authentic Engagement Photos

Most of us have never been in front of a professional camera, so when it comes time to smile away for those engagement pics, how do you ensure success and avoid any awkwardness? Fret not my friends, we have Still55 Photography on hand to share their insight on making sure those engagement photos capture the true you, as authentic as can be and let’s get real… make sure they’re mantle worthy!

-Elizabeth Greene, Style Me Pretty Editor


Gel With Your Photographer

This is the most important rule of thumb! If you’re not feeling your photographer’s personality during the consult, you’re probably not going to vibe with them very well during your session… which will turn into an awkward nightmare with moments that you don’t ever want to experience. The last thing you want is a stranger that doesn’t understand you or your significant other photographing you in an uncomfortable way. Go with your gut, if you feel like you could be friends with your photographer, you’re on the right track. Remember your photographer is the only vendor you’ll spend your entire wedding day with, so make sure you click and it will set the tone for the rest of your experience.

Ask Questions

When you’re interviewing your short list of photographers asking lots of questions is essential but there is one question you must ask to ensure you avoid a bad experience. Ask the photographer about their process before AND during the session; if their response seems random and fake, that’s how your images will more than likely turn out. Great artists have great processes in creating great work. Our process is founded on learning a lot about our couples and talking at length about how they wish to be captured. We learn what they want and what they don’t won’t beforehand. We also work with them on finer details such as maintaining a cohesive color palette that blends with their style and home decor, along with wardrobe and locations. Working out all of this with your photographer will build confidence before you ever step in front of their camera.


Once you’ve worked out all the details leading up to your session, the next step is to trust the plan. Overthinking the details can take you away from being yourself. Make a plan and then trust that plan.

Be You

When the day finally arrives you should already have gelled with your photographer, know exactly what to expect and trust the plan, so now it’s time to be YOU. No matter what, most people are a bit nervous at the beginning – that’s okay! Your photographer should know how to quickly work out the nerves and help you both relax. When I first meet a couple during the intentional consult, I pay attention to their subtleties, whether they smile a lot, or if they’re affectionate towards one another. The subtle mannerisms are the real you and if you’ve picked the right photographer, they should pick up on that. If they don’t, it’s okay to to speak up and say, “Thats not me, or that’s not us”. Be real, be you!

Focus on Each Other – Not the Camera

Lastly, I always tell my couples to ignore me and focus on each other. My job is to observe them, not for them to observe my camera. Hold hands, make each other laugh, be with each other, together, in the moment. Do your best to quiet your thoughts and be present, focused on each other. Trust me, if you ignore your photographer and give all your attention to one another, you will create authenticity just by being yourselves.

By: Elizabeth Greene #SMPWedding101 December 9, 2016