March 22, 2018

Family Photos // Planning

Family photos are really important, there is a right way and a wrong way to capture these beloved formal photographs. Here’s the skinny on capturing family formals without killing the wedding day vibe.


After The Ceremony – Consider family formals directly after the ceremony. Sometimes trying to take family photos beforehand can complicate things. It then creates and extra step for the grandparents and someone might be late, stuck in traffic or unaware of where they are suppose to be. Everyone will make the ceremony and it’s simple to gather your family afterwards.

Notify – Let the members of the family know that there presents is requested for photos. Send them an email well in advance of the wedding. Remind them at the rehearsal dinner and then have your planner hand them a card the day of the wedding reminding them to hang back for photos.

Simplify – Keep it simple take one large family group shot. If you have a large family don’t split up your aunts uncles and cousins get everyone in one shot, and move on to the next group.

Disclose – If you have a sensitive family dynamic, deaths, disabilities or divorces talk with your photographer about it weeks beforehand so you can make a great plan. This will help keep the awkwardness away and keep things moving.

Big to small – Work for the largest group to the smallest. Start big and peel it down to the immediate family.

The list – Your photographer should have requested a listing for family formals that includes names and relationships to you. If they haven’t make a list for them. This is a must no exceptions.

Attention to detail – If your formal photographs will be outside on soft ground let the women know so they are prepared. Have your planner provide heel stops for those that need them. They’ll be impressed by your attention to detail and thoughtfulness.