April 3, 2018

What To Consider When Choosing Where to Get Ready

I’m pretty confident in saying that I thought of almost everything when planning my wedding. Except when it came to where I’d get dressed. I assumed I’d primp and prep where I stayed all weekend but it wasn’t until that morning, with my makeup artist setting up shop and family and friends running about that I realized a different space might’ve been a good idea. Joseph Rogero is here to save all you brides-to-be from this mistake – read on for their advice on the easily forgotten getting ready spot! // From Elizabeth Green, Style Me Pretty Editor


As Fine Art wedding photographers we are continuously swooning over the inspiring details our couples incorporate into their wedding. With amazing forethought, they seem to cover every detail to ensure it aligns perfectly with their style for the day. Every client we work with has their own unique look and feel. Whether it’s a clean, modern look or a whimsical, romantic day, every bride has her own vision. While it usually seems that they have thought of everything, more often than not, a lot of couples overlook the cornerstone to their day, the prep location. If you are in the process of planning your wedding these are 8 MUST KNOW things to consider when choosing a space.


When you and your soon to be husband our researching places to stay for the wedding weekend keep in mind the size of the space. Many times couples don’t realize how quickly space will fill up on a wedding day. Whether you are renting a home or staying in a hotel, be sure to ask questions about the size of the space you are considering, the height of the ceilings and number of rooms. If you have the chance to visit the space before booking, do so. It may seem large at the time but ask yourself what it would feel like during a party and if you think it will be cramped, it most likely will be.


Nothing can set the tone as wonderfully as a getting ready space that blends perfectly into your whole wedding. So often the couple has planned their ceremony, cocktail hour and reception to the nines but neglected to consider the decor at the prep location. Don’t make this mistake; take time to research the home or hotel: its colors, floors, furniture, and design. Nothing helps create a more cohesive look than paring the prep location decor with your other venues.


They say location, location, location… well not always. Most couples fall into the trap of picking a spot based on location. I tell brides and grooms that adding an hour to their day because the perfect prep location isn’t right next to the reception is totally worth it. If you are concerned about where you will be at the end of the night, book that space separately for late night convenience but don’t compromise on your prep location just for travel convenience. When you look back at your wedding photos you won’t care how long it took you to get to the ceremony.


During your research, consider the amount of natural light the space offers. If it doesn’t have a lot, move on. If it does, your photographer and videographer, along with your makeup team, will be able to perform at their best. Take note of the size and number of windows in the space you are considering. This may seem like a strange thing to think about but trust me when I say you’ll be glad you did when you see your photos!


Whether you’re getting married at home or you’re planning a destination wedding, you are going to be visiting venues at some point. It’s the perfect time to visit the spaces you are considering in person to make your final decision. We all know most rentals showcase the property in the best way possible but don’t always believe what you see online – go in person to be sure.


Something you need to think about is not only what the space offers on the inside but also on the outside. Most photographers will want to take the bridesmaids and/or groomsmen outside for group shots, so be sure to tour the grounds to ensure that there will be plenty of options for the photographer to create beautiful images that coincide with your wedding.


With the advent of VRBO and AIRBNB, renting has never been better! Many times couples think they should be in a hotel but they aren’t always the best choice for pre-wedding activities. Renting a home for the weekend is an incredible way to check all of your must-haves off your list! Online rental platforms allow you to refine your search to narrow down your top picks. Another big bonus to renting is the array of home decors to choose from; homes have so many more options than hotels. As photographers, we believe getting ready in a home brings so much more to the table than a hotel.


Lastly, imagine yourself in the space with your friends and family. Think about the overall vibe and what it will look like when putting on your dress. If you feel all warm and fuzzy and excited about your daydream, then you’re in the right spot! I encourage you to consider these elements during your planning process. You’ll be so glad you did, you’ll be ensuring a great start to your day, your family and friends will be comfortable and your vendors will be able to perform at their best!

Featured on Style Me Pretty by Elizabeth Greene #SMPWedding101 – September 23, 2016