January 9, 2019

Joseph Rogero // A New Chapter

Joseph Rogero has arrived, and we could not be more excited! I’d be remiss not to thank our incredible team that was all instrumental in helping us launch our new look. Natalie and Ashley & Malone, along with my wife Christina, friends, family, and Creator – thank you for your spirit of love and dedication in helping us acheive our goals. It wasn’t easy saying goodbye to the name Still55 but we knew it was time to open a new chapter that would be a better reflection of who we are. We have envisioned using some variation of my name (Joseph Rogero Mills) for years and are excited to share some of the inspiration behind the change.


Pictured above are my grandparents at prom in 1955. My grandmother is of Rogero, Solano, and Pacetti decent, these ancestors were some of the original settlers of our nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida. They began arriving in 1565, with Pedro Menendez de Aviles. We are now in our 15th generation. My Rogero name is thus one of which I am very proud, and which in many ways reflects the significance of heritage and the heirlooms I long to create for others — photographic art that others too will proudly share through the generations. When I decided it was time to usher in a new name, I had to answer some fundamental questions about the things that inspire me, why I do what I do, and the type of art we long to create in the future. But before I answer that I want to share with you more about the inspiration for our name and branding.

When I first began to peel back the question of inspiration I thought of what Quincy Jones said, that “all great art is emotional architecture.” I remind myself of that when I draw inspiration for what I am photographing. I build a strong structure but always leave room for organic happenings – I love movement and energy and creating a raw, unexpected image. I am first inspired by place. There is a deafening narrative that can be heard from any place on earth, all we need to do is listen. If art is our emotional language constructed, then style is our vocabulary. Whether in fashion, interior design or architecture, I notice and appreciate style. I am genuinely drawn to fashion especially within the framework of events and weddings are the perfect blend of emotion and style. I’m intrigued by the language of fashion, and I always seek it out when I have a camera in hand. Style and passion filled weddings are opulent, but that isn’t why I choose to shoot them. When I dove into the why behind what I do, I landed on time and legacy.

I would rather spend my time with you. I’d rather create for you, your family, and friends in some remote place documenting love rather an agency on set. I take great pride knowing that my wedding photographs will be revisited by generations to come, they will be used to identify you by your great great great grandchildren and generations thereafter. In the world of photography, that is an image worth sharing. It’s more than a cover for a magazine or pictures used to sell something, its the history of you. It’s your family legacy, it’s how you’ll be remembered visually, and to me, that is why I do what I do.

It’s been a fantastic journey through our rebrand. We’ve had to look back but now we look ahead at all the exciting things that lie before us. Having a clear understanding of what inspires me and why I love weddings I have a strong vision for the future. I will be working with fewer couples so that the ones I do photograph share the same values as me. As an artist, it’s incredibly exciting when you work with others that understand your emotional architecture. It’s as though you “get” each other without ever having met and the harmony of relationships like that lead to incredible things. Those will be the couples and families I will seek to photograph along with creating more commercial work for editors in fashion, travel, and design. I plan to photograph more work for myself and home. Print art for me and the for the love of photography. Create more, live well, and enjoy being in the moment.

// Joseph Rogero Mills

Pictured Above: My grandparents at prom in 1955.  Pictured Below: My grandfather, aunt, uncle, and 4 photos of my grandparents: at prom, on their 25th, 40th, and 60th wedding anniversaries.