October 25, 2019

Color Theory

The wedding industry has a remarkable opportunity to tell the story of love within each family and each couple in a unique and dynamic way, authentically reflecting the couple within designs. The industry is heading in a new direction, and I have had the privilege of speaking to industry professionals about the future of the wedding industry in my e-book Color Theory.

Update: Now Available for Download!!! Color Theory is a composition of thoughtful conversations with top tier event designers, florists, and stylists within the wedding industry.

It’s a conversation around color – how we are primally attached to it and how color factors into our relationships with time, emotion, and design. This e-book revolves around design, each industry leaders’ approach to design, and how color plays a role in each of their approaches.

color theory wedding flowers

color theory wedding design 42 north Joseph Rogero

color theory wedding design 42 north Joseph Rogero

Color Theory was born out of a desire to connect with planners in a way that’s authentic and has real impact, to educate those within the industry and by extension elevate the industry in a way that continues to move the needle forward. Although the wedding industry as a whole looks and feels very similar across the board no two designers or couples are the same. Those whose conversations are held within this book are at the forefront of authentically reflecting the unique couples within designs. They are not looking at what everyone else is doing but drawing influence from the most meaningful aspects of their couples and creating a niche market within this innovative approach to design.

color theory wedding design 42 north Joseph Rogero

color theory wedding design Joseph Rogero Photography

There is so much artificial fraught in the industry over the question of timelessness. So many brides fear that especially in regards to attire she won’t look back on her wedding day and feel that it was timeless. What needs to happen is that couples are doing what they love today – loving what you love in the moment today, whether it has color or not, is unique or trendy, and being okay with that as a reflection of the time you were married in.

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This book is a conversation with industry professionals who are advancing the industry by working with their couples to create authentic, in-the-moment reflections of who they are and what their world is at the time of their ceremony. Each conversation is accompanied by an eclectic set of my photos that reflect our conversations. As the industry is moving away from ultra-posed brides and grooms, so it is reflected in this book. There will be tablescapes, elements of conversation, editorial pieces from styled shoots, captures from Bridal Fashion Week, and photos that reflect where the designers are pulling their inspiration from, be it from travels, museums, art, interior design, hotels, or album covers.

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Color Theory will be available as an e-book download on our website as a free download alongside the newsletter sign up.

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We cannot adequately express how grateful we are for those who have contributed so all I will say is this to our collaborators and supporters: Thank you so much for your passion and your talent. This would not have been possible without you.

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Update: Now Available for Download

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