October 1, 2020

Featured on Harper’s BAZAAR 

Our friends at Harper’s Bazaar have gathered “21 Ideas to Level Up Small Weddings—Straight from the Experts.”

See a few of our photos from an intimate Charleston ceremony & dinner party with Gregory Blake Sams Events in this insightful article by Carrie Goldberg and Heather Hall.

Excerpts below, click here for the full article.

// Go All Out

Whether you keep your wedding at home or opt for an intimate venue, a smaller guest list allows for you to go all out on details you’d likely have had to dilute for a larger group.” With a smaller guest count, you have the opportunity to really pull out all the stops and give you, your beloved, and your guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” says luxury and celebrity event designer, David Beahm. “From a unique and gorgeous venue, to an abundance of flowers, your family china, embroidered linen napkins, fabulous furnishings, fine stationery, really rare wines, or a guest chef creating the menu you’ve always dreamed—go for it!”

Blake of Gregory Blake Sams Events, agrees wholeheartedly, encouraging couples to “incorporate heirloom pieces like fine china, silver, linens, vessels, and more” when designing the event. Most families don’t have heirlooms in bulk, but your intimate dinner party of your closest family and friends is the most sentimental, thoughtful, and size-appropriate way to showcase objet that you’d only otherwise enjoy at private family occasions.

// Find a Home Away from Home

When it comes to privacy and safety, smaller, more intimate venues become options for those planning an event for an edited guest list. “Opt for taking over a small boutique property for your intimate celebration. This eliminates the stress of preparing and hosting the experience at a family homestead and still allows for personal touches,” says Blake of Gregory Blake Sams Events. “Create a multi-day celebration utilizing all aspects of the property, like the private piazzas, as well as the salon, café, library, and lush courtyard garden. The experience allows everyone in attendance the ability to really connect with the bride and groom and share their special day with a warm, at-home feel—without the stresses that come along with actually being at home,” he says.