November 22, 2019

Jenna + Jason

Jenna and Jason hosted an intimate wedding in Columbus that revolved around their guest. When we spoke about the most important aspects within their wedding they both were focused on their loved ones. These two expressed such love and warmth for those they invited it was inspiring to hear. They are so humble and kind, understated yet passionate about knowing what a wedding invitation entails. It’s time out of a busy life, it’s travel and expense to those who accept, therefore they were determined to ensure everyone enjoyed themselves by candlelight overlooking the city skyline they grown up in. I always encourage those I talk with to sort through the most important aspect to your wedding. Is it your guest, music, food, photography, venue or something else. Once you both land on what is most important to you outside of becoming husband and wife you can then build your wedding around that. Find the cornerstone to your wedding and the rest will fall into place. All our best to these newlyweds.