June 11, 2019

My Private Life

I am incredibly blessed to have the privilege of being let into so many amazing lives, families and situations through photography. I interact with couples, planners, designers, musicians, athletes, CEO’s, leaders and entrepreneurs. Within these relationships our conversations seem to always lead us to life beyond our work, with that I share my love for my family, my wife, and daughter as well as my passion for the simple joys of life. The overwhelming response for most is to say “Do you photograph your daughter all the time?”. Which has lead me to this entry, I have many photographs of my personal life that I will share here. I believe it is only fair of me to share images of who I am and what inspires me when I am shooting for myself. Afterall I am asking you to let me into one of the biggest days of your life.

I have compiled images of my personal life, my family, extended family, wife and lots of Ella – photographs that give you a glimpse into how I see beauty, life, and love. These are taken from all sorts of cameras, some digital some film and most from my phone. I have images in this collection from several generations ago, my great aunt enjoying the porch, my grandfather and his brothers on their farm (5 generations of farming still going strong), my great-grandfather in the field, my mother and grandmother enjoying the river. My wife when she was pregnant, Ella when she was a baby, and the 2 years following. I took portraits of my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary as well as portraits of friends. Images from nights out and photos sitting on a sofa. The classic shot of my daughter standing in my shoes and the unexpected image of a baby in the bathtub with her grandmother. The point to this post isn’t to impress you with photography but rather inform you of what inspires me. How I see things when there aren’t expectations, rules or pressure to create. I see life in moments, flashes of life, in continuous motion. Fleeting exchanges that construct the cadence of life. The people within these photographs sculpted me into what I am today, I am eternally grateful for each. They have loved me through good times and bad, through ups and downs and have always encouraged me to pursue greatness. I hope this deeply personal post will reveal something about me to you, I hope that you learn a little more about me, who I love and how I choose to see.