January 7, 2019

A Quick Guide To Beautiful Photos

Embrace togetherness, ignore the lens – The beauty of raw unexpected images happens when you’re all about each other. The camera observes you, you need not observe the camera.


Consult your photographer on wardrobe, location, and time – For both lifestyle sessions and your wedding day, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your photographer about these three things. Before you decide on a lifestyle session share your vision with your photographer, talk through looks and locations. If you’re undecided on a dress direction, ask your photographer about the advantages and disadvantages to different designs.

Allow room for the unexpected – Just go with it. Welcome those few impromptu moments of grace or a change in plans, whatever the day may bring. Perhaps it’s a few clouds or a passing shower – that’s part of life. Those spontaneous, candid moments show your personality in the most authentic way.

Be the inspiration, not the copy – In the modern age of weddings, it may be easy to feel pushed into a specific ‘style’ that could be on-trend. Instead, think beyond those constructs and draw inspiration from what speaks to you as individuals and as a couple – using culture, art, travel, literature, and your life experiences together to create something deeply personal for your wedding day.