February 1, 2023

TikTok + Reels

As if social media wasn’t already a massive allocation of time, now reels are scoring much larger points on Meta’s algorithm. Facebook has been losing ground quarter over quarter to TikTok; videos that inform, entertain or educate are currently king of the attention hill. What does that mean for people that shape their work through still images? It means it’s time to get creative with your marketing. I have developed an SMS (social media strategy) to be deployed over the next Q1 and Q2 of 2023 with the aim to use reels and TikTok to showcase who I am and what I produce and offer insight to others about all things photography. If you’re new to reels or want a great team to aid you in your SMS, I would recommend connecting with Persephone. She is the founder of Bridal Vouge and also leads The Media Socialites. Check out a recent podcast with Persephone and Sam a leading luxury event consultant, as they discuss social media trends for 2023.

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