January 8, 2019

Style Guide

Choose a look and build around it– Before you get set on location and date for your session, talk with your photographer about the look you want first. After you’ve decided on that you can pick locations and a time of year that fits your look. If you’ve picked a spring session in NYC you should be able to pull off most looks, the weather is warming up but keep in mind a layer in case is chilly that day.

The look should compliment your enviroment –If you’re shooting along the coast on warm sandy beaches you shouldn’t be wearing a cocktail dress and heels. The coast has an organic vibe with earth tones and salty breezes. You’re going to look and feel great in a garment that compliments the environment you’ve decided on. If you’re shooting a session in a city then a chic structured design will look great. Have fun with it be bold be different and the images will pop!

Plan ahead – If you’re shooting a costal session think about the environment. You might consider putting your hair up to avoid the strong breezes. Or if your going to be walking on cobblestone streets rethink heels. Embrace your photographers suggestions on how to pull off the look you want for the environment you’ll be in.

Get it altered –. Give yourself enough time to have your look altered if its needed. Don’t wait, be sure everything fits well. Guys get with a tailor for your jacket and pant it will go from good to great!

Make the details pop– To finish off an incredible look make your details a statement. Statement pieces will add a layer of refined elegance for both of you. Guys can bring their swagger in with a one of a kind jacket, sharp shoes or a fresh pocket square. Don’t overlook the importance of details they will pull everything together to complete your look.