January 21, 2019

The Abstract Cocktail

Something that I haven’t done very well in the past is sharing my life and work outside of wedding photography. This year I will use the journal as a place for me to let my creativity breath. I am wildly inspired by the abstract, so much of our everyday lives are abstract. The human desire for understanding is intriguing to me. People are far less comfortable with art if they don’t understand it. If they do, well then, it’s much more palatable for the masses, it’s much more approachable. Maybe it’s because of my life, but I enjoy a bit of tension and unexpected in my life. If life is water, I’d prefer some waves over living it out on flat water.

Something else that coincides with the abstract is the idea of imperfect, unfinished and random. In the highly curated world of weddings, the masses are drawn to the simple, easy to understand the image of perfect. I enjoy the beauty as much as you do, but it’s not something created it’s something observed. Imperfect, unfinished and random are all extraordinarily beautiful happenings, but it can only be that way if you believe it is. I love abstract because of the moment. When Jackson Pollock flung paint, it was in a moment, or when John Coltrane lifted his finger, it was in a moment. Weddings are a symphony of moments orchestrated together that unveil a harmony of the expected and unexpected. I think it’s essential that we embrace more of the unexpected moments in our lives. Let us focus less on perfect a more on moments.