January 8, 2019

The First Look

Yay! you are planning a wedding – you have nailed down all the major pieces such as the date, venue, photographer, dress and now you are working on logistics with your planner. So many things to consider and one big element is wether or not your and your future Mr. will see each other prior to the ceremony. The presurre to keep tradtions alive and well can be felt by the parentals but you really want to enjoy the party directly after the ceremony too – whats a bride to do? Don’t worry we’ve got you coverd, here is a short list of things to consider before you nail down your ceremony start time.

Everything you need to know…

Timing – Choosing to do a first look shifts the timeline on your wedding day. It allows you to take pictures before the ceremony but you will be getting ready a little earlier in the day. Consider what time you would need to start hair and makeup.

For the best results – You should know that the ideal time to be taking portraits outside is about an hour before sunset. Keep that in mind if you decide not to see each other. Be sure to leave enough time between the ceremony and reception to achieve the best results.

Is together better? – When you see each other beforehand will it make you feel better? Your experience may be better together so talk about what works best for you two.

Cocktail Hour – If you’re leaning towards a first look, you’ll be able to transition from ceremony to cocktail hour a bit more smoothly.

What’s most important? – Are beautiful photographs the most important? Or is simplicity at the top of the list? Figure out what is most important to you, then talk with your photographer about the greatest way to achieve it.