February 15, 2019

The Motion Edit

Something that is universal with the couples I speak with is their love of motion, energy, and movement within my portfolio. They are wildly drawn to the authenticity of what I capture. When photographing subjects like couples or creating portraits I am always attempting to create motion within the frame. A traditional portrait of a bride and groom is extraordinarily better if I can get them to belly laugh at a story or with one another. Giving my subjects something to do, or engage with helps keep their minds off of my camera and refocuses their thoughts on the present.

I create motion in many ways often it is there for the taking, and I choose to capture it. When discussing movement in photography, I am talking about the illustration of energy in a photograph. The energy of a party or the action in a dress is something that helps define the moment, and I love what power can bring into a story. When I envision energy being photographed it’s like putting lightning in a bottle – the results can be breathtaking.

There is a time a place for capturing movement within the context of creating a thoughtful narrative. In weddings, it’s often in the after-hours work during the reception scene when the band has built energy that has the space buzzing. Sometimes it’s during portraits of the bride and her dress. When photographing artist in their studios, it could be during the in-between moments of the brush to paint and brush to canvas. Regardless of the movement I see I always aim to include sound energy into my narratives.

Motion creates a palpable emotion for the viewer – its a powerful tool in creating a nostalgic residue within a story. The energy within a composition can become almost abstract if appropriately photographed. Turing a moment into a beautiful work of art. Movement is a key ingredient in creating authentic, honest photographs for me.