January 8, 2018

Things to Consider

Choosing a photographer to capture one of the most personally impactful days of you life is a massive decision. To help you feel informed and excited as you continue planning your celebration, we’re here to help you navigate the photographer selection process.



Understand Digital vs. Film – Digital is my medium of choice and will produce a crisp, classic photo that can be thoughtfully manipulated during editing to enhance lighting and texture in each shot.  Film photography differs slightly, with a soft, natural appearance.



Connect with your photographer – While being best friends isn’t necessary, I encourage you to find a photographer who you genuinely enjoy spending time with. Do you have a shared love for European travel? Are you foodies or indie-rock enthusiasts? Being able to connect with your photographer outside of just your wedding is always a great way to become more comfortable in their presence – and your photos will reflect that. Request a Facetime or in-person meeting if you are local, so you can deepen your relationship.


Seek a capable photographer – An artist who is organized can be hard to come by – being skilled behind a camera is just a small part of being a great wedding photographer. A wedding is a dynamic event that demands high attention to detail. Thus, someone who is organized, a team player, a leader and calm under pressure are essential traits, as well.



Experience is priceless – Understand that an experienced and capable photographer will be an investment, one that you won’t regret. Avoid the temptation to cut corners in this area of your wedding day, but instead realize that your photos will live on for generations and deserve the attention of a true professional, not an amateur.