February 25, 2019

Seaside Nuptials

While many places in the country faced cold weather and snow, we recently enjoyed our first wedding of 2019 in Alys Beach this January. This coastal town is a perfect place for any couple that envisions hosting an intimate affair along quiet pristine coastlines. The architecture is inspired by the Mediterranean coast and reminds me of the ancient, yet modern beauty of Santorini. When I first spoke with Taylor about her wedding, I knew she was going to be a great fit. She was drawn to the imperfect images that expressed honest emotions, vulnerable moments, and thoughtfully curated portraits that showcased a persons spirit. Their original wedding date was put on hold after discovering Taylor’s father had been diagnosed with cancer. Unsure whether he would survive they did everything in their power to help him fight for his life. Fortunately, he won his battle. After everyone had settled, they began to discuss the wedding again, and this time it was going to be even more meaningful to Taylor. After going through the trauma of cancer, her perspective had changed – she wanted the wedding to be about loved ones, truth, and joy. Taylor’s story reminds me to remain grateful even in the seemingly small things, the uneventful days, and the people I often take for granted.