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  • “I’m pretty confident in saying that I thought of almost everything when planning my wedding. Except when it came to where I’d get dressed. I assumed I’d primp and prep where I stayed all weekend but it wasn’t until that morning, with my makeup artist setting up shop and family and friends running about that I realized a different space might’ve been a good idea. Joseph is here to save all you brides-to-be from this mistake – read on for their advice on the easily forgotten getting ready spot!” // From Style Me Pretty Editor Elizabeth Green

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  • “A wedding photographer should be talented (there are no do-overs on the first kiss), trustworthy (they will see your boobs), and totally creative (if left in a room for 100 years, you’d never have thought to frame a shot that way!). Locating such a person can feel like unicorn hunting, which is why we compiled this list of the 74 best wedding photographers in the U.S. and beyond.” // From the Editors of Condé Nast Brides

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  • Embrace togetherness, ignore the lens – The beauty of raw unexpected images happens when you’re all about each other. The camera observes you, you need not observe the camera.

    Consult your photographer on wardrobe, location, and time – For both lifestyle sessions and your wedding day, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your photographer about these three things.

    // From Joseph

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