January 4, 2023

Dove Mountain

Ending the ’22 season among friends at Engage Summits. With only a few weeks left in the year I hopped a plan to Dove Mountain in AZ to refelcet, grow and celebrate a incredible year. I’ve attended several summits internatinoally but never a domestic gathering. I must say that I wasn’t mad about the quick flight and sidestepping customs. There are many amazing aspects to these summits but I lean into the fashion, style and party scene more so than I care to admit. Although my eye is drawn to these happenings I take much more away from Engage than just a handful of pics and late night conversations, I throughlly enjoy time spent with industry peers without the pressure of prefromance. It’s a rare and beaututiful thing that Engage puts together for our industry and I am looking for to this year’s summit in Paris, see you there!