April 2, 2019

In the Moment \\ Guest

I want to talk about being in the moment – photographing in a journalistic style throughout a wedding day. In part one, I talked about the endless happenings that take place within the day, fleeting moments that create the magic of wedding photography. I focused on moments between brides and their fathers — the stories of relationships and life between the two. In part two, I want to focus on the guest. So many people I have the privilege of working with have a sole focus on treating their guest to a unique and fun wedding experience. Now more than ever couples have friends all over the world. Through undergrad and graduate school relationships are now global more so than ever before. My couples know the expense it takes to attend a destination wedding – so they want to treat them in remarkable ways which always includes excellent photos of everyone attending.

Typically I can tell what the energy will be like based off of the couples wedding party. If their friends are full of life and joy, I know the cocktail hour and reception will be upbeat and full of fun moments to capture. When photographing guest, I find it best to take portraits of well-dressed couples starting at cocktail hour. I have found people open up much more when they have a beverage in hand.

One of my favorite things to seek out are the generations within the family if I can capture three or 4 generations in a candid moment I am a happy guy. Also, venues that have incredible views like Carmel, lend themselves to a sunset that inevitably will produce an excellent opportunity for guest photos.
Nonetheless, my couples love their guest, whether its, having cocktails, or dancing the night away. I always strive to seek out great portraits of family, friends and loved ones during the wedding day. Below is just a handful of some of my recent guest portraits and moments.

When looking for the right photographer keep in mind their skill set on holistically working an event space. Not just beautiful portraits of you two – but if you’re seeking fun photos that everyone can enjoy seek those out in their portfolios and ask the photographers you speak with how they photograph throughout the day when it comes to your guest. If it’s as important to you as it is most of my couples these quick simple questions could be the deciding factor on the right photographer for you.