June 13, 2019

Side by Side

There are so many exciting moments that take place when you are engaged. It starts with the proposal and ring and ends with a kiss surrounded by all your most important people. There are parties, showers, bachelor and bachelorette getaways, gifts and lots of champagne. There is also the joy of planning a wedding but often times within this process things can become overwhelming and daunting. I want to help you avoid that altogether. Whether I am working with you or not I want all couples to enjoy themselves throughout the engagement and planning process. Especially on their wedding week and I am here to share a simple piece that will help you with that.

Whether you are working with an A-list planner or going it alone you will still have to navigate through many things as a couple. You will face bringing together everyone’s opinions and expectations, budgets and managing an assortment of personality types within each family. Some people are easy-going, other people take more energy, nevertheless, this is all something you will have the work through, planner or not. When decisions need to be made about the wedding, the guest list needs to be formed and seating charts need to be modified you can sometimes find yourself asking, “what are we doing all this for?”. I call this the “wedding white noise”, the white noise seems to drown out what the wedding is actually about and I am here to remind you exactly what it is about.

It’s about walking side by side. In all my years as a wedding photographer after the couple shares their first kiss as husband and wife and began to recede down the aisle, they are hand in hand, side by side. I have never seen a man walk in front of his wife, and I have never seen women walk in front of her husband. They walk together, in step, holding hands. That is what it is all about. The engagement season is a prelude to what marriage will be, there will be parties and champagne and there will be difficult decisions and challenges to work through. The key is that you do it side by side, hand in hand.

If you ever began to feel overwhelmed or tired of the whole wedding, remember that at the end of the day no matter rain or shine, no matter your wedding color palette or seat chart you two will walk side by side as husband and wife. That I guarantee.